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Green Fluorite Crystal Choker



This cute & eye-catching choker is perfect for attracting attention. With a beautiful Natural Fluorite gemstone charm, your positive love aura will glow brightly! Made with soft cotton, this choker is gentle on your skin.

The gemstone is made from genuine fluoride mineral gemstone, sourced from mother nature. Wearing it under good light shows spectacular green gleam and shine, complimenting your apparel for style matching.

The silver parts on this product are made of 100% genuine 925 sterling silver. No coating on the silver parts also ensures it feels good on any type skin. This choker is adjustable necks of any size.

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– One 6mm Natural Fluorite gemstone
– 100% genuine 925 sterling choker parts (grasp, chain, clasp, tag)
– 9mm wide soft black velvet ribbon, gentle on skin
– One cloth bag to keep the pearl choker
– Enclosed in bubble packaging
– Will fit any sized neck
– Fully handmade

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